Sunday, February 19, 2012

Backlog Gamer Week 4

I've decided to start using a numbered system instead of just associating my post titles with dates.  Thought it would look a bit better, and I also won't feel so guilty when I post in the middle of the week.  I've also changed the layout a bit.

Not a whole lot to say this week.  Due to my Game 2 selection last week I am starting to regret not being more selective with my game collecting.  If I would have just put the crap down my sense of self loathing would be at an acceptable level, instead of the gargantuan level it is at now.  Is this how Emo-folk feel all the time?  If I go stand in the corner with my crappy game(s) and cut myself with a game manual will I feel a accomplishment?  Christ, that was way off topic.

                                                                        Post Mortem

Enslaved: I really enjoyed playing this game, even though I have to recognize its often glaring flaws, but instead of focusing on camera angles, proportionate bodies, and the quirks of the Unreal Engine, I think I will instead view the game as a whole experience, because I feel that taking this game as a whole is the only way to truly enjoy it (much as I felt about Jak II).

                                                             Games For This Week


Game 1 Title: GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City
Platform: PC (Steam)
Purchase Date: 11/25/11
Cost: $2.49

I was pleasantly surprised to see this chosen as a random game, especially as I had started playing it anyway as a pallet cleanser to the piece of trash below.  So far everything is fine, though in the beginning I had quite a bit of trouble with the controls.  I just don't feel that I will ever be comfortable playing a GTA game with a keyboard and mouse.  It just doesn't feel natural, almost like I am contorting across the keyboard like a damn Twister-nut just to powerslide into a turn.  I suppose that I could just play Lost and Damned on the 360 and come back to the PC for Gay Tony (that sounded awkward), but the game looks so much better on my computer.

I am amused to learn that since the game is both on Steam and a Games for Windows game, my Gamercard sig is showing GTAIV on the Xbox Live side and Episodes of Liberty City on the Steam side.  I have to say stuff like that every now and then or else they will revoke my Freakin' Dork/Jedi Master card.


Title: Stellar-Fire
Platform: Sega CD
Purchase Date:1998
Cost: $1.00

I spent around three days trying to beat this game and only managed a few levels.  On the plus side I learned how to beat the game, and on the negative side I don't think I want to go through the effort.  Dare I explain?  In the game the goal is to collect gems, which can be easily located by following the white bar displayed on the radar.  The problem is that the gems seemed to be scattered around the level, so that in some stages following the radar will almost ensure repeating the level (meaning that you will die).  However, if you make a map you can find a better, more optimized route than the shitty GPS route the game gives you.  This way of playing is just not an option in some of the latter stages.  Should I give up?  Should I pull an "Arino" and call in a AD to finished the job for me (which means using a cheat to see the ending)?  Only time will tell.


Title: Treasure Adventure Game
Platform: PC
Purchase Date: N/A
Cost: N/A

I found this little title while mindlessly clicking on links in my Bookmarks Toolbar.  Even though I spend a lot of time on the Internet, I had all but forgotten that I have a Fileplanet link.  Weird, huh?  Although it is described as a platformer, I find it to be a pleasant combination of platforming, action, and RPG.  I especially like that the game has fully customizable controls (a rarity amongst free Indies games), so I can finally assign my movement to the WASD keys and the action buttons to the arrow keys.  I know you don't understand this but just believe me that it is important.

Please play this.  You will be surprised then you will have fun.  Then you will thank me, which will stoke my ego and make me smile (which is a bi-product of my ego stokage).

In The Bag For 2012
Alan Wake - 1/25
Dead Space 2 - 2/4
Portal 2 - 2/10
Enslaved -  2/17

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