Thursday, February 9, 2012

Backlog Gamer 2/5-2/11

I probably should have explained the ideas behind this blog a it better last week.  My intentions were to play through my game collection, choosing only games that I had not finished (I know that is a subjective term, but we can cross that road later, I think).  This project should keep me busy for quite a while, even taking into account the extra time I now have.  Got it?  Good.

Regarding the Games List, because I cannot count on being able to play games either on a television or computer (my wife or one of my children are utilizing it, for example), I thought it best to choose two games from different platforms (usually PC and a console game) and play through them.  But since I have such a Jones for indie and mobile games, I would add a third game for that week that could be on any platform (and more importantly, allow me to continue gaming on my laptop should other avenues be closed).  The plan was that I would pick a primary game, a secondary game, and a "side" game.  The primary and secondary game would be from my personal collection, and could be played for the amount of time needed to "finish" the game.  The "side" game would be a indie or casual game of my own choice, but regardless of where I was at the end of the week, I would put it down and pick up another.  Because some games would be finished before others, I decided to changed the game naming convention from "Primary" and "Secondary" to "Game 1" and "Game 2", with the indie or casual being "Game 3."  Still with me?  Good. because that is enough ranting for this week.

                                                                        Post Mortem

Dead Space 2: This game was wonderful from beginning to end, though I felt some parts of it were meant for a "Strategy Guide Gamer."  As I made my way through the game, I spent my Power Nodes on upgrades for my Rig, my Plasma Cutter, and a few other weapons. My error was apparent as I faced the final boss with nearly no ammo and for my main shooter (Plasma Cutter) and no sufficient "big" weapon.  It took me an hour to finally make it.  It wasn't pretty.  After I reviewed the a few guides on Gamefaqs I saw I could have cut a few hours out of my final time (about eleven hours) if I had followed the weapon upgrade paths listed.  Oh, well.  I will end up playing this game again for sure just to play with the weapons, I think.
                                                         Games List For This Week

Game 1: Portal 2
Game 2: Enslaved
Game 3: Cartoon Wars: Gunner 


Title: Portal 2
Platform: Steam (on PC)
Purchase Date: 1/1/12
Cost: $7.25

This game is...  The thing about Portal 2 is...  I just realized that I can't even really talk about this game without giving things away, which is the last thing I would want to do to someone who has yet to experience this masterpiece.  Ah, I have it!  The game takes the content from the first game and turns it up to eleven!  Too cliche?  Portal 2 takes the excellent puzzle-type gameplay and engrossing story and of Portal 1 and then eclipses it in every way.  Did you like Portal?  Then you need to play Portal 2

Title: Enslaved
Platform: Xbox 360
Purchase Date: 9/29/11
Cost: $9.99

The smart thing for me to do when I finished Dead Space 2 would have been to focus on playing this game first and pick a replacement later.  Oh, well.  I still contend that the best feature of this game is Trip, who exhibits emotions and behaviors that break the usual female stereotypes featured games up till now.  I'm just about out of things to say about this game, so I'll make sure to beat it next.


Title: Cartoon Wars: Gunner
Platform: iOS
Purchase Date: N/A
Cost: N/A

There are about a million types of this game available on iOS.  This is neither the best or worst, but the one that I saw first (that was free).  You play a stickfigure out to survive waves of various weapon-wielding stick figures and strange beasts, using various upgradable missile (such as guns and bows) and melee weapons (such as swords and... swords).  You can even get a minigun-firing mech at some point (with the appropriate amount of gold).  Fun and light, which is all I really need for a casual game.

In The Bag For 2012
Alan Wake - 1/25
Dead Space 2 - 2/4

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