Sunday, November 20, 2011

Second verse...

Hello, hello, welcome to the Gravygamer Blog.  I'm Gravy, and I will be your opinionated and tacky tour guide for the duration of the trip (or as long as I can be bothered).  Since things didn't go over so well back at my original website (getting a job will do that to a website), I thought I would try anew.  Well, anew being a completely subjective word, as this is a template that I didn't even bother changing.  Oh well. 

So, what will this blog be about, you ask?  Videogames (note the spelling) will be the main target, as I am a gamer of the old school, but because I am poor (or monetarily challenged) the target games will most likely not be new, though "retro" games also be on the menu (not just because I'm cheap, but also because I'm old).  Gravy will also be discussed and considered because, duh, my name is Gravy.  Also whatever else tickles my fancy-bone.

Stay tuned, or something.

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