Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ce est tout, le gars!

So I've gone ahead and decided to kill this blog in favor of another instead of just rebranding and dealing with it.  When I first started blogging there was not a whisper on Google about anyone calling themselves "Gravygamer" so I decided to strive forth and blog, having fun and eating a ton of gravy covered items (though not the Genesis cart).  Fast forward five years and there are now a ton of people calling themselves Gravygamer (or GravyGamer, or Gravygamers), so I don't see a reason to continue with the nerd handle any longer.  No hard feelings, no bitter tears, just a eventual redirect to the new site and one more round of gravy for the house.  This is Jason Viande, aka Gravygamer no more, bidding all a polite adieu.

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